People Build Buildings

This is the approach we bring to every project. It’s a reminder that success is based upon the skills of individuals working together, and that the human-element has to be present in all of our buildings. After all, people don’t just build buildings, they occupy them too.

Our Construction services includes:

  • Complete complex of all of types of civil and erection work;
  • Construction management;
  • Realization of Developer’s and General Contractor’s functions;
  • Realization of technical supervision of construction;
  • Realization of financial and economic supervision of construction.

Establishing a sense of partnership and teamwork is a core value for
FirstPrime and methods for accomplishing that goal are integrated into all of our management procedures. We believe it is particularly important that all project participants understand overall project goals up front, as well as the dynamic process for achieving those goals. The first step is for the Owner, the Design Team, and
FirstPrime to create a cohesive Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) team with FirstPrime’s Construction Manager serving as our single point of contact during the Preconstruction and Construction Phases. This OAC Team then carries these same goals and objectives to the subcontractor and suppliers thereby establishing the entire project team. The OAC goals, scope of work and design intent are clearly defined and articulated in the Bid Package Manual produced during the Preconstruction Phase. Each Bid Package Manual is used to manage the subcontractor and material provider’s expectations as well as project under- standing to enhance the seamlessness of the project team and ensure successful onboarding of each subcontractor and material provider as they join the project.

Construction Management

Construction Management