Upmarket Architectural Design

The site is part of an “urban sprawl” zone and is a very fast-growing lifestyle area that is influenced by foreign visitors / foreign tourists.

From these factors the client decides to make a rental home accommodation in which to support the needs and lifestyles of migrants who come from various countries.

The extent of land can be categorized as narrow, and the demand for different space in the house is a lot. FirstPrime did initial research on the dimensions and ergonomics of human space, of course by avoiding spaces that take up a lot of rooms.

The ground floor is dominated by the public zone. Managing the integrity of a communal area in one zone, as well the zones that require privacy by placing an inner court garden as a separator.

On the top floor is the private zone and there are two bedrooms and their respective bathroom en suites.

Project Challenges

The space between the house and the neighboring buildings across it is very tight, separated by a main road with a width of only 3.5 meters. The second challenge is the opposite building across the road is made up of two levels and their window openings are directly facing the site. To solve this overlooking issue the mass of the house consist of the two bedrooms on the upper floor, and the placement of windows that are not directly facing the neighboring building’s windows. A roof top garden is placed that can function as a green space providing privacy in each of these rooms. Apart from that, the roof of one of the rooms cantilever down to reach the level of the roof top floor, which of course takes into account the amount of natural light that, can enter the room.

How We Realized The Idea And Beyond

The response to climate is the most important thing to consider for building in a tropical climate.

The use of materials in this Villa, strives for natural light to enter evenly into every corner of the room by setting the walls to be reflective as white color, and the placement of natural stone materials that can increase the feeling of warmth and harmony in each of the rooms.

The composition of contemporary tropical architecture is strengthened by displaying the “woven pattern” of red bricks arranged in a box shape on one side of the building in combination with black texture wall to enhance the masculine feeling of the building.